Antalya Aquarium Full Package

Antalya Aquarium Full Package


Antalya Aquarium tells stories from all over the world. You can discover the magic of the underwater world; you can make snowballs from real snow in Snow World or you can swim with sharks and rays that do not pose any danger to people.As the one of the world’s biggest aquariums, Antalya Aquarium features inspiration, entertainment and education together. Through a path of more than fourty exhibits followed by the world’s biggest underwater tunnel aquarium with 131 meters lenght and 3 meters widht!The decoration of the main tank was made by the famous Italian sculptor Benedetti in South Africa. The decoration, which includes real-sized plane, ship and submarine wrecks, is the biggest coral reef decoration in the world. Additionally, the clearest aquarium water of the world is in Antalya Aquarium!


Realizable Months All Months realizable
To Take Along Cash Money for souveniers
Itinerarry 13:30 Departure from Hotel  
  14:30 Entrance: Antalya Aquariım
  Wild World
  3D Cinema
  Snow World
  Arrival Hotel
  17:30 Yes


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