Ormana Tour & Altınbeşik Cave

Ormana Tour & Altınbeşik Cave

The Colors of Taurus


The fewest, even local, do not know the "secret of Ormana", while it is not so far away. İn the middle of the Taurus where the deepest gorges in small villages hide , there isa secret in the depths of a ravine.

To get there, a dream journey on a remote high mountain road is necessary. With minibuses that can be traveling on rough roads, it goes from the hotel and a short break in Manavgat directly up into the Taurus.Drive from Manavgat on a high mountain pass in northern direction. At about 1.200 m foresight panorama over the bay of Antalya (in good visibility gaze of Kemer to Alanya).In the Valley the Green Canyon is at your feet.

On the way photo breaks at stunning locations.We penetrate ever deeper into the mountains, the road which is cut into the rock, goes in countless turns on the steep walls along, nomadic dwellings, goats,Grazing mules and a wild untouched landscape passes by. Stop at the entrance of the village Ürünlü. Ancient houses of wood and stone received for a walk. Here, tourists are a rarity, curious and welcoming waving the villagers.

Peace and calmness carries over to immediately. Located in the village is a small tearoom. Meeting place and center of the village life. Here we take a break with a tea.The villagers know the "secret of Ormana", and draw attention to the village. The minibus will drive to the legendary canyon. Above the canyon we leave the car and go on by foot. Hundreds of meters deep roars a wild river, with a little luck are chamois and ibexon the cliff walls. After about 15 minutes walk downhill path we are overwhelmed at the bottom of a deep ravine, and ahead of the entrance to the underworld. Here lies one of the secrets of Ormana, only with a boat we can enter the cave. The cave is the world's third-largest underground Lake and flows the longest underground river. Those who want can penetrate into the mystery by boat while the remaining guests relax.

Drive to the village Ormana. At the village walk on your own, we admire his lovingly restored old houses. The kitchen is homemade, original Turkish and regionally. When it is cold outside, donates a fireplace warmth. Another secret to our curiosity tickle. From Ormana we want to go a little further up to a hidden plateau. Enclosed by over 2000 meter high Taurus mountains we discover a plateau. Kilometers long stretches wild pastures, and only from two directions you can enter this hidden world. With a little luck we come across another Secret: Wild horses „Yılkı“ . We traverse the level, discover remains of a caravanserai.

  • Pick up from hotel by minibus
  • Drive to the meetingpoint (meeting of participants from various. Hotel regions)
  • Start and track on the high pass with view (panorama of the bay of Antalya to Alanya)
  • Drive to Ürünlü village, walk in the village / tea break in the village teahouse
  • Drive with Bus to the canyon. Walkt from the canyon the entrance oft he cave.
  • If possible visit the "Altınbeşik" cave and relax break
  • Drive to Ormana Village walk on your own - sightseeing opportunities of an original village house
  • Lunch
  • Travel by bus to the high plateau with photo stop
  • Stay and walks, ruins of a caravanserai, wild horses „yılkı“ (if possible)
  • Return to Ormana, need break and than backto the Hotel


Realizable Months April,May, September,October,November
To Take Along Headwear & Comfortable Shoes for tracking Cash Money for beverages, photo-video and souveniers
Duration Full Day
Approx. Pick Up Time 08:00
Approx. Drop Off Time 18:30
Includes Lunch, professional licensed guide, transfers
Not Includes Drinks and personal expenses
Restrictions None
Suitable For Children Yes
Suitable For Mobility Difficulties Yes


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